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Leather Coats - leather coats articles

Donating Or Consigning A Leather Coat

Donating or Consigning a Leather Coat

It is springtime again, and many of us start looking around our winter - worn homes and wondering just where to start spring cleaning. One great way is to go through your closet and decide what you can donate to charity.

Every year, look through your clothing closet and see what you didn't wear. Do you have items that no longer fit? Are out of style or just not " you " anymore? If so, these are perfect candidates for donation. Clothing items can be recycled for use by someone who will love them, after they have outlived their usefulness for you.

There are several benefits to you, including a cleaner closet, a sense of giving, and a tax deduction as long as you get a receipt from a reputable donation center.

Almost any clothing item in good repair can be donated, but there are a few key items that stand out as great possible donations. One such item is a used leather coat. At the end of this winter season, take stock of the coats in your closet. Leather coats are great to donate because they often are in good repair, as leather is a strong and durable material. If you have a leather coat that is in good condition but you have outgrown, or is simply not your style anymore, donation centers such as Goodwill can get top dollar for leather coats when they resell the item in their retail stores. The money Goodwill collects from these stores goes to their many charitable endeavors, so you know your donation of a leather coat will do the maximum amount of good.

If you are cleaning your closet and are strapped for cash this spring, you may want to consider a consignment store. Leather coats are hot items on consignment, and you can make a nice sum for consigning just a leather coat. Make sure before you take your item in for consignment that you have inspected it for tears, rips, and other problems. Look at the lining and make sure it has not picked up any problem odors from being in storage. You may also want to consider a surface treatment or spray to spruce up the look of your leather coat before you take it to a consignment store. Be sure, however, before using any leather conditioner that you test an inconspicuous spot first to make sure it doesn't discolor the leather.

Leather coats that earn the most money on consignment are in good condition, and of a classic style. A coat that screams 1982 because it is straight out of the Michael Jackson Thriller video will not fetch the same price as a versatile, ageless trench or bomber style. However, try to consign any style leather coat, as many buyers look to consignment shops for vintage pieces that have come back in style or for costume items.

Whether you choose to take your leather coat to a consignment shop or to a donation center, getting an unused, bulky item out of your closet will free space for the next round of shopping you do and will reduce clutter in your physical space and mental environments!

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