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Leather Coats - leather coats articles

How A Biker Should Buy A Leather Coat

How a Biker Should Buy a Leather Coat

A strong, durable leather coat is a must for any motorcyclist, not just because you will look cool wearing your new leather coat. In addition to the aesthetic value, leather motorcycle coats can protect your skin better than any other material if you wreck your motorcycle and hit the ground.

Leather coats are also often designed to keep you warm while also keeping you ventilated while you ride, an added bonus to the protective gear.

In order to find the right leather coat for your needs, follow a few simple steps. First, scan the yellow pages, online, or motorcycle magazines for leather accessory stores in your area. Keep in mind that department stores, motorcycle dealerships, and motorcycle parts shops tend to charge more for a quality leather coat than other retailers do.

Next, get a series of price quotes and visit stores that offer the most reasonable rates. You are going to want to physically touch, smell, and try on any leather coat you are considering to make sure it is the right one for movement purposes and quality of construction. Decent leather coats for riding start around one hundred dollars, but can reach near $1, 000 depending on how complex the design and materials. You can also consider a custom made leather coat, but it may cost much more and take months to be completed. Next, select a coat that will keep you warm in cold winds and protect your skin from " road rash " in the event of an accident. Vented coats allow the wind to swish in and cool you off on hot days, which is an important option since you are likely to wear your motorcycle jacket year round. A leather coat that can " breathe " will help you wear it in warm weather.

Fit is very important when selecting your leather coat. Making sure your jacket fits is just as important as buying quality leather. If your jacket is too tight, then that long Sunday ride will turn into an eternity of pain. If it's too big, air will get trapped in your jacket while riding making you feel like you're wearing a big balloon on the highway. Having a fitted jacket will make a world of difference, especially for sport bike riders. To confirm your leather coat size, go to a motorcycle accessory store, and get a custom measurement, even if you don't buy a jacket in the store. Most stores will value your patronage and measure you, answer questions, and generally put you on the right track to purchasing a quality leather coat.

Finally, avoid coats manufactured from poor quality leather or anything waxy, which is less durable. Leather coats made from coarser, thicker cowhide or water buffalo are best for riding purposes, and have the traditional motorcycle look that bikers are going for. Don't buy high end, thinner leather, such as lambskin. This is particularly important for female motorcyclists, as many women's leather coats come in this variety, which is beautiful, but not functional for a biker.

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