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Leather Coats - leather coats articles
Leather Coats - leather coats articles

Leather Coat Fashion Trends

Leather Coat Fashion Trends

There is always something great about a leather coat - a timeless classic that is always in fashion. However, from year to year, there are new and innovative twists on what is hot in the fashion world when it comes to leather coats.

Wearing leather makes you feel hip, fashionable, and full of life. Leather coats can be worn as a classic dressy statement or as a casual, weekend look. No other one piece of apparel is so versatile, and so worth investing in. But do you choose the right leather coat? It helps to know what styles are in fashion the year you are buying, and whether or not those styles will be fashionable several seasons into the future.

One style that is very " in " at the moment is the classic leather trench coat. The leather trench is a rich look, because it is a great deal of leather, making you seem high fashion and high end every time you put it on, even if it is just topping jeans and a sweater. The leather trench coat is also a great choice because it is very weather appropriate for much of the east coast. Whether facing the rain, a blizzard, blustery winds, or ice, a leather trench coat is the answer to keep you warm and stylish. Leather trench coats also give the image of an about the town, urban woman, even if you live in a small town. It is sure to be a leather coat you can wear season to season with little worry that it will go out of style. The best color to choose with this style leather coat is black - it goes with everything and will stay fashionable the longest.

The next coat style to consider is a leather swing coat. A leather swing coat evokes feelings of glamour, sensuality, and fun. It is attractive with jeans, a skirt, or a suit, and is one of the most flattering style leather coats for all body types. The updated silhouette for leather swing coats this season is to make them look somewhat like a rain jacket, with a belt giving dimension and shape to your figure. A quality leather swing coat is a timeless shape that will work for women of any age - from college girls looking for a casual coat, to working women seeking a leather coat that will be perfect for the business world. It is also one of the few coat styles that will also look great during the months of pregnancy, as the swing style has extra room for a growing belly! A leather swing coat will last a lifetime if maintained and treated with care.

A final choice is a basic hooded leather coat, which can be great in demanding weather. The style comes secondary to the function of this coat, which can provide warmth with the right lining, and will keep wind from being a problem. This coat is more function than style, but when it is purchased in a quality leather, it really increases the look of the coat. A great choice for a woman who wants to look good even when the weather demands serious outerwear.

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