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Why Bikers Wear Black Leather Coats

Why Bikers Wear Black Leather Coats

Have you ever wondered why so many bikers wear leather coats? Is it just a fashion statement or is it something more? Do bikers wear leather, particularly black leather, just to look tough and cool?

If you see motorcyclists in groups, you'll soon notice that most of them are wearing black leather coats. In addition, black leather gloves, boots, and pants are common. Do bikers just like the look of a black leather coat?

Go to any biker event, and it is a sea of leather coats, with almost every biker wearing one year round.

Even though black leather coats look cool, and fashion has copied the " biker look " on the runway, fashion is not the only reason bikers wear black leather coats.

Leather is the best protective covering for a motorcycle rider, and this is the main reason bikers wear leather coats. Leather usually comes in black, and when you are riding at seventy miles per hour at a few inches above the pavement, you want protection covering your skin should you happen to wreck. Protection is a key consideration when riding a motorcycle, both for the possible accident and for regular road debris that may hit a biker when he or she is riding.
Leather, while not a suit of armor, does offer some tried and true protection. Traditionally, leather has been worn by cowboys for this same reason - protection against bumps and bruises from horseback riding and other endeavors. Leather is a material man has long relied upon to protect us from rough work. Bike riding is no different, and bikers have long known that leather coats were good for their lifestyle.

It cannot be denied, however, that bikers now embody a certain look that is a part of their riding. Black leather conveys a sense of dangerous, tough, manly living. Black leather coats are particularly bold and have a cultural connotation that speaks to the serious rider's life.

These days, materials other than leather are also being used such as synthetic jackets and pants, but the traditional leather coat is still the most popular among bikers, probably because of the rich, cultural roots associated with genuine leather coats.

The synthetic coats have built - in armor in elbows, shoulders, and back. They are lighter and cool better in hot weather. There are more color choices now but black is still the most prominent color. One problem with the constant wearing of black leather or even black synthetic coats is that they make a rider hard to see at night. The synthetic coats are gaining in popularity, but will be unlikely to surpass the popularity of the traditional leather coat.
Leather coats will always rule the biker scene and prominent brands such as Harley Davidson produce custom lines of leather coats as well. This outerwear is great for protective purposes, but also displays loyalty to the Harley brand. Harley knows that serious bikers and those who love Harley hogs will always want to wear leather coats. Leather coats are synonymous with being a biker.

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